Here’s why buying water at Walt Disney World is a waste of money

When you’re walking for miles in the hot Florida sun, likely for multiple days, you’re bound to get thirsty!

Walt Disney World has a seemingly endless supply of drink options, both of the non-alcoholic and grown-up variety. Milkshakes, slushies, pop, juice, you name it, you can find it somewhere on property.

But what if you just want some good old fashioned H2O? Don’t grab a bottle that will cost you enough to put a couple gallons of gas in your vehicle. Instead, head over to most any quick service food location and just ask for a cup of ice water. Cast members are happy to oblige! Better yet, bring your own refillable bottle or tumbler, ask for some ice, and then keep topping off your water at one of the dozens of water fountains throughout the Parks!

Sure, water isn’t the most exciting option. However, it is the best way to hydrate and it won’t make everyone have stomach aches later from sugar overload!

What tips do you swear by to save money in the Disney Parks? Comment below!


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