My 3-year-old is sick: Day 4

It’s been a very long 4 days with a very sick little guy. He’s been fighting what seems like a perpetual cold since he first started preschool in September, but the last week has brought with it a cough and runny nose that hit really hard.

On Saturday, Everett started to really have the congested cough ramp up, that I that rattles and sounds almost painful. By Saturday night, he showed up with a fever. Sunday brought with it a higher fever, about 104° at that point, and a really awful cough. When we couldn’t get the fever where we wanted it, it was off to the ER.

The staff at the hospital were amazing, taking care of Everett and us and making sure they didn’t make light of his symptoms. They did a chest x-ray and verified that there was no pneumonia. After getting his fever down, it was back home to try and get some sleep (spoiler alert, that’s not what happened).

I was able to work from home Monday thanks to an awesome boss and get Everett to the pediatrician for a follow-up. He’s still running a fever today, but the healthcare team that we’ve worked with through all of this has been amazing. They never down played our concerns and have us instructions on how to make Everett more comfortable and ensure he didn’t get worse.

In the meantime, we’ve had a couple lukewarm baths, lots of book reading, playing with cars, and watching more episodes of Disney Junior programming then I ever thought possible.

Being a parent is hard work, but the snuggles and love I get from my little guy sure makes it worth it. Hopefully, we all get some sleep soon!

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