Top 10 Low or No Wait Attractions at Walt Disney World

Whether it’s your time that is limited, or your patience, everyone can appreciate an attraction they don’t have to spend much time waiting to enjoy. Whether it’s a ride in one of the theme parks or something fun to do elsewhere on property, here’s our top 10!

  1. The Boneyard Fossil Fun Site – Animal Kingdom Kids and parents can explore a huge play complex themed to the archaeological dig site in the story behind Dinoland U.S.A. A soft rubber surface provides a safe play area for kids to run, climb, and go down a variety of slides. Just across the dino bridge is a digging area with faux sand for kids to discover dinosaur bones! While some parts of the play area are in the sun, there are a lot of shade screens that help you beat the heat when it’s extra balmy out.
  2. Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station – Magic Kingdom Located in the middle of Storybook Circus, this watery attraction is perfect for hot days when the kiddos don’t want to stand in a line for another minute. Dozens of jets, drips, and sprayers are sure to soak everyone who visits. Pro tip – Bring a change of clothes, including socks and underwear, so you don’t have a soggy wardrobe the rest of the day. A plastic grocery bag to place your wet items in is helpful as well.

    casey jr
    Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station
  3. Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade – Magic Kingdom For the cost of just a few quarters, kids and grownups can take aim at the wildest targets in the wilderness! While actual pellets used to be used as ammo, guests will now find only lasers. By hitting targets, guests activate fun hijinks within the scene. Tombstones shake, skunks lift their tails, and giggles are sure to ensue!
  4. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros – Epcot Located in the cool, dark Mexico Pavilion, this pleasant boat ride is nearly always a walk-on. The longest part of your wait will likely be the walk from the entrance of the building to the queue. Be sure to watch out for the Donald piñata!
  5. Kidcot Fun Stops – Epcot Check out these craft stations at each of the 11 pavilions in World Showcase. Free of charge, your child will receive a cardboard Duffy the Disney Bear to decorate with a special stamp at each stop. Decorating supplies are provided at each station as well, to help your child create a unique, free souvenir!
  6. Marketplace Carousel and Marketplace Train Express – Disney Springs These two rides at Disney Springs are available for a small fee, usually with little to no wait. If your kids are getting burnt out from shopping, this is a great way to break up your day (and give you a few minutes to sit on one of the nearby benches).

    Photo credit: Disney
  7. The Seas With Nemo and Friends – Epcot If you have any Nemo fans in your crew, be sure to check this one out. The longest part of your wait will be the winding queue that feels like is themed to a beach. See both live sea creatures and your favorite animated characters all in one tank on this slow-moving Omnimover attraction.
  8. Tom Sawyer Island – Magic Kingdom Take a short raft ride across the Rivers of America to have an adventure on Tom Sawyer Island. Dark caves, barrel bridges, hidden tunnels, and more await families looking to burn off a little steam playing and discovering on the island. This attraction is open until dusk each day and is a great way to escape the crowds and enjoy a little extra shade under the trees.
  9. Walt Disney World Railroad – Magic Kingdom Most of the time, a train arrives at each of Walt Disney World’s three stations every seven minutes, so waits are rarely long for this treasured attraction. You can use the trains for transportation to a different part of the park, or take the Grand Circle Tour and ride around the whole perimeter. Either way, it’s a lovely ride that lets you see parts of the park that aren’t visible otherwise.
  10. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover – Magic Kingdom Due to the ever-moving nature of the PeopleMover (can we please still call it the “WEDWay PeopleMover”?), waits are usually non-existent here. Even if the line extends to the base of the SpeedRamp, you’re only looking at a couple of moments for the upper area to clear out.

Are there any attractions you use as your go-to’s for a low or no-wait experience? Comment below!





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