Review: Garden Grill Restaurant

During our most recent visit to Walt Disney World, we ate lunch at the Garden Grill Restaurant.

When we arrived, we checked in for our reservation and received a pager that would buzz when our table was ready. We actually arrived about 20 minutes early but were still able to be seated within 10 minutes.

We were seated on the second level of the restaurant to accommodate our family of seven at a set of combined tables. I’m not sure if the booth on the first level would have worked for us or not, but the view on the first level was a lot better if you are interested in seeing into Living With the Land.

On the table, place settings were set in stacks of plates and bowls, making one big Hidden Mickey in the center of our table. This was a fun thing to walk up to!

Once seated, we were greeted by our server, Joanne. Joanne let us know how the food would be served (family style) and what offerings were on the menu for the day. She also made sure we knew that we would only leave hungry if we didn’t let her know we’d like more food, and boy was she right! We all left completely stuffed!

After getting our drinks (your choice of Coke products, juices, iced tea, or Buzz Lightyear or Tinkerbell punch with a light up character clip-on) our food started to arrive. First, a salad with vegetables from the Land greenhouses accompanied by baskets of rolls and butter, and homemade pickles.

garden grill 2

Next, we received two big skillets full of turkey, ham, beef, green beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and broccoli. A second plate was then brought over with macaroni and cheese topped with cheddar goldfish crackers, as well as french fries. The macaroni and cheese was a real hit, we’d never had it prepared this way and found it to be really good.

garden grill 1

Once we ate all of the main course, including a refill on any items we wanted more of, it was time for dessert. Out came two more big plates with angel food cake covered in strawberries and blueberries in a sweet glaze. On top was a heaping scoop of fresh whipped cream. The whipped cream was so thick, we initially thought it was vanilla ice cream!

We spent right around an hour in the restaurant, making just over one full rotation. If you have concerns about feeling the movement, don’t be. We continued to be surprised when we’d completely pass one of the doors into the kitchen or the entrance that characters went in and out of. Once you’re eating and interacting with the characters, you won’t notice it at all.

Speaking of characters, I was pleased with the interactions we had. Because the restaurant is smaller compared to Chef Mickey’s or Ohana, we actually saw each character three times throughout our meal. Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale are your hosts, with Mickey wearing his blue jean overalls as Farmer Mickey.

At the end of our meal, Joanne brought us paper FastPasses for everyone in our group to go to Turtle Talk With Crush. While you often won’t need a FastPass for this attraction, I thought it was a nice touch.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Garden Grill Restaurant. We were pleased with the quality and quantity of the food and enjoyed the level of character interaction. All of the Cast Members were great as well, making for a truly enjoyable meal that we plan to do again.


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