8 Things to Make Sure You Pack In Your In-Park Bag

While clothing and shoes are the obvious items you’ll pack for your Walt Disney World vacation, there are things you should be sure you always pack in an in-park bag for a successful day in the Parks. Check out the list below for an in-park packing list, sure to make your Park visit more comfortable, and less stressful.

  1. Sunscreen – This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but a day spent outside is a guarantee for a sunburn if you don’t use proper sun protection. Be sure to pack sunscreen, at least SPF 15, and apply it according to the instructions. Generally, this means reapplying water resistant sunscreen every 8 minutes. 1 ounce, or the amount that would fill a standard shot glass, is about what it takes to cover an adult.
  2. Sunglasses – Bring a pair or two with you so you don’t have to pay the gift shop prices in case one is broken or lost. Eyes can get sunburnt too, and there is nothing that will ruin your day quite like a sun headache. Make sure that whatever pair you choose is protective against both UVA and UVB rays! Polarized lenses can help with the glare as well if you’re light sensitive like I am.
  3. Extra socks – Walt Disney World is huge, and as a result, there is a ton of walking involved. If your socks get sweaty (it is Florida) or they get wet on a water ride or during a rainstorm (still Florida), you will be miserable if you can’t change into dry socks. Don’t get caught with pruny, blistered feet as a result.
  4. Ziploc bags – Ziploc bags are great for many different uses. You can use them to store electronics during a water ride or rainstorm, put wet clothes in them before you store them in your bag, freeze water in them to use as a cooling ice pack throughout the day, keep your chargers and other small items organized, and much more. Pack a handful of them and let me know what uses you discovered!
  5. Refillable bottle – To avoid dehydration during the day, be sure to pack a refillable water bottle and keep it topped off as you come across water fountains in the Parks. Another option is to ask for a free cup of water at any drink location, including carts, throughout the Parks. Cast members are happy to provide it for you.
  6. Bandages – Tons of walking can often result in blisters, and they can really knock you off your feet if you aren’t prepared for them. Take some cushioning bandages with you (or blister-specific cushions) to protect them if any form on your feet. Remember to never open the blisters, but to keep them clean and protected.
  7. Light snacks – This is especially important if you have kiddos with you. A couple bags of teddy grahams or crackers can save the day in a long line when a meal is still awhile away.
  8. Portable charger – FuelRod Kiosks are available in the Parks, Resorts, and at Disney Springs. For $30, you get one fully charged portable battery, one cable for android phones, and two cables for the different generations of iPhones. These FuelRods can be swapped at any kiosk for free. However, I recommend the Anker portable chargers available on Amazon. They are good for multiple full charges of a smartphone or tablet, and are significantly less expensive than a FuelRod. You can plug them in for charging in any outlet.

So what do you always pack in your in-park bag? Leave your tips in the comments!




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