Top 5 Things Not to Do At Walt Disney World

Everyone who has stayed on property at Walt Disney World has seen Stacy’s “Must Do Disney” series. Today, let’s talk about some must not dos!

  1. Smoke outside of the designated smoking area

There are designated smoking areas all across Disney’s Parks and Resorts. For the sake of everyone around you and their health, please make sure you stick to the designated areas when you need to take a smoke break. Simply reference your park map, or ask the nearest Cast Member for directions.

2. Line Jump

In a busy theme park, you are almost always guaranteed some amount of wait before experiencing an attraction. However, don’t forget that everyone around you is experiencing the same wait. Always be considerate of your fellow riders by using the restroom or grabbing a drink or snack before entering the queue. Also, see that your entire party is together, and that one person isn’t holding the place for six more. If you or a member of your party has a medical reason that leaves them unable to wait in line, be sure to see Guest Services to find out what accommodations are available for you.

3. Use Foul Language

I know we all have our moments, especially when we’re hot and tired at a theme park, but try to keep foul language under control. You are surrounded by a diverse population of people, and literally thousands of children, in a family environment. Just keep it PG, please.

4. Take Your Frustrations Out on Cast Members

Cast Members work long hours in the heat and rain, always wearing a smile and assisting guests with whatever they can. They can’t control the lines, the attractions breakdowns, the weather, or the fact that Mickey needs to step backstage for a moment and you can’t see him just yet. Please treat them with all the patience and kindness that you can. They are known to go out of their way to create Disney Magic for people, I think it’s great when guests do the same for them.

5. Drink More Than You Should

There are a multitude of bars, lounges, restaurants, and drink stands throughout the Walt Disney World Resort that serve alcohol. However, it’s not meant as a challenge to get a drink at each of them over the course of a single day! Be aware of your limits and act appropriately. No one wants to be in the news as the guy who climbed the Mexico Pavilion pyramid.

What would you add to this list as something you should never do at Disney? Let me know in the comments!



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